Websites to download cracked software

10+ Best websites To Download Cracked Software (2022)

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Are you trying to find the top PC download sites for cracked software? If so, the article will help you.

Have you ever considered using the internet to download paid software for nothing? Yes, you can. This free, premium software is referred to as cracked software, and there are many websites where you can easily obtain it.

Here on Camonlight, I’ve chosen to compile a list of the top websites for free online cracked software downloads. Thanks to these websites, you can get any type of software you wished for your PC for no cost at all.

What are Cracked Software?

Cracked software is an illegally obtained, pirated software for Windows, Mac OS, or other premium software. It is possible to download the cracked software without paying to a services or making a cash payment. However, it is illegal.

List of Best Cracked Software Download Sites for Free

1. Softpedia

Websites to download cracked software

When I first started using my PC to browse the internet, I would search around the internet for websites where I could download PC software and install it on my pc. Since I first came across Softpedia, it has undoubtedly been among the best websites for downloading software because almost all of it is available for free.

With Softpedia, you may download a wide range of software for Windows, Mac, Android, and even Linux OS for free. There is a huge amount of driver software available, among other things. This website is great, and you can give your trust to them.

2. GetIntoPC

Websites to download cracked software

I only think of one website before any others when it came to finding cracked software online, and that website is GetintoPC. It’s possibly the perfect website to go if you want to get free cracked software. This website offers lot of things, and you can be sure to find any software you need there.

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Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Corel software, and many other programs are available as cracked downloads from GetintoPC. Their files are virus-free and virus-free. They also offer installation tutorials, which makes their website one of the greatest places online to get pirated software.

3. Ninite

Websites to download cracked software

Ninite is a great website, but it’s not best suited for downloading cracked software; rather, it’s a website where you can simply get PC software and install it on your PC. This website offers a variety of free PC programs, including Google Chrome, VLC Media Player, and iTunes.

They also feature an installer that makes installing a package of software on your PC quite simple. Although many people use Ninite, I still think it’s worth suggesting because it doesn’t actually offer paid software like IDM and the rest.

4. Free4PC

Websites to download cracked software

It’s time you checked out to Free4PC, one of the greatest websites to download cracked software, if you want to get your hands on any genuine cracked PC software without worrying too much, let’s say a software like Internet Download Manager (IDM) or even Adobe Photoshop and a lot more. This website provides fully activated, direct download links for cracked software.

You can always go to Free4PC to download any premium software for free; I’ve used the website for a while, and you don’t have to worry about your pc being infected with a virus because their files are thoroughly scanned before uploading.

5. CNET Download

Websites to download cracked software

For the most of operating systems, including Windows and Mac, CNET Download offers thousands of malware-free software. Software that can change security settings, have complex terms of policy, or secretly share user information is tested and banned. Additionally, they provide how-to articles, blogs, and editorial reviews.

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The CNET Download site is the excellent place if you’re looking for a website to download software without worrying about harming your Windows or Mac PC with malware. In opposition to other websites you might encounter in this article, the free software found on or is available for free use and is legal.

6. SharewareOnSale

Websites to download cracked software

Cracked software can be downloaded at
Without mentioning SharewareOnSale, this list won’t be complete. This website is definitely among the best for downloading cracked software for free. It offers the best software for Mac and Windows PC every day, all for free. In addition, the platform provides access to top-notch iOS and Android apps.

Before you can begin downloading software from the platform, you must first sign up by providing your email and other information. It is simple to activate the software after installation because the software activation code is also made available straight on the download page.

7. FileHorse

Websites to download cracked software

FileHorse offers the most recent versions of specially selected software arranged into categories if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to download free software for your Windows PC.

By using the Search panel on FileHorse, you can quickly locate the most latest Windows software. You can also use the category section to find the software you’re looking for. The files downloaded using FileHorse are safe, secure, and have been scanned with 70 antivirus software. They are also all in their original form. In no ways does FileHorse repack or enhance downloads.

8. Crackzoom

Websites to download cracked software

Downloadable cracked versions of MS Office, Smadav, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe CC, and other programs are available from Crackzoom. Another good site for downloading high-quality software with a crack, keygen, and activation code is this website. However, I can’t testify to the security and data protection of this website, therefore use caution while installing software from here as it can contain malware that collects your personal information.

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Websites to download cracked software

Software can be downloaded for free on for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. They offer free paid apps, but they also run freebies that may be seen in their main menu. The website is simple to use, and you can start downloading software right away with or without signing up.

10. CrackingCity

Websites to download cracked software

I like this website for one reason in particular: Internet Download Manager. This website is the best for me in terms of getting cracked IDM software, and I can tell you that it’s one of the best as well. I don’t love visiting any other websites when I want to download IDM. Although there aren’t many application software available for download on CrackingCity, you can find IDM and WinRAR there.

The cracked software on CrackingCity’s website gets quick updates, and it is of the highest quality. One of the best places to obtain cracked versions of software includes IDM, CCleaner, and many others.

11. SadeemPC

Websites to download cracked software

SadeemPC is similar to a website like GetIntoPC where you can download Windows software for free without spending any money. This website offers completely cracked Windows software for free, and SadeemPC has every popular software.

Additionally, SadeemPC offers software like the most recent version of Windows 11 for 64-bit pcs. You can also download well-known software like Internet Download Manager and other software from this website.


There are still a lot of people that want free access to premium software. This article offers the best websites that allow you to achieve this. Additionally, it explains cracked software and describes how it differs from pirated software.

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