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8 Best Sites To Sell and Trade Gift Cards in Nigeria (2022)

Here’s a list of the best sites to sell and trade gift cards in Nigeria, from which you can generate some money when you sell.

Gifts Cards are real and accepted in almost all parts of the world. Gift cards, which can be real or digital, are preloaded with money that can be used to buy things. They enable you to give someone the ability to buy everything they wish, both in stores and online. In some situations, they can even be added to mobile wallets or converted to cryptocurrency.

My blog readers do ask me to write this content for them in other to guide them to the right way they can sell their gift cards to avoid being scammed, And finally, I have done that for them.

If you’re after a way to redeem or sell gift cards in Nigeria, there are several options available. As a result of the growing popularity of gift cards in Nigeria. Gifts Cards selling and trading platforms are launching almost every day, but to know the trusted ones is a big deal. So here I will provide a list of the best and trusted sites to sell and trade your gift cards in Nigeria. I rated my list based on my personal and my reader’s review.

List Of Giftcards Tradable In Nigeria

  • Amazon Gift Card: Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase Amazon items as well as digital downloads such as music and video.
  • iTunes Gift Card: iTunes Gift Card is an iTunes store credit that has been pre-purchased. It can be used to purchase music, movies, apps, and other items from the iTunes store. It’s not the same as Apple Store gift cards, which may be used to buy Apple products like iPhones and MacBooks the Apple Store.
  • Steam Gift Card: Steam Gift Card is a Steam wallet code for game activation codes, whereas Steam gift cards are gift certificates. Both of these can be redeemed and used on Steam to buy software, games, wallet credit, and other items.
  • Google Play Store Gift Card: This is a Gift Card that can be used to buy applications, games, music, movies, TV series, and more from the Google Play store in the United States. The Google Play Store gift card is sent to your e-mail email.

Other Tradable Gift Cards in Nigeria

  • Apple Gift Card
  • eBay Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Nike gift card
  • Footlocker gift card

List Of Sites To Sell And Trade Gift Cards In Nigeria

1. Cardtonic

Cardtonic lets you sell your gift cards in Nigeria through their website, Cardtonic. You can use this site to trade gift cards safely and securely.

Cardtonic allows you to sell your gift cards in Nigeria in as little as 5 minutes and receive paid at the same time. Some of the greatest deals to sell your gift cards in Nigeria can be found at Cardtonic!

List of gift cards that are accepted on cardtonic is Apple store, Apple iTunes and Amazon; Steam Wallet; Google Play; Apple Store; eBay; Walmart; Sephora; Nordstrom; Best Buy; Nike; Macy’s; Gamestop; Xbox; Vanilla; G2A; American Express; Foot Locker; Visa; and Play Station.

2. Patricia

Patricia is a popular platform in Nigeria for redeeming and selling gift cards. The value of gift cards on the Patricia platform is advertised in dollars, but when you buy one, the company charges you an equivalent in Naira.

You can buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria and from all around the world on Patricia. Gift cards are available from foreign retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Sephora, as well as international stores.

The value of a gift card on Patricia is determined by the type and quantity of the card. Patricia promises to have some of the most affordable gift card rates in the market.

3. Presmit

Prestmit is another amazing platform for buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria. Your gift cards can be exchanged for Naira, Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies.

Presmit aims to provide you with the best value for your gift cards by providing good rates.

Presmit allows you to redeem, purchase, and sell gift cards from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Both web and mobile users can access the user-friendly interface.

Presmit offers three different payment methods for a gift card transaction. You can be paid in naira or Bitcoin and convert your gift cards to USDT at the same time.

In Nigeria, Presmit supports over 20 different types of gift cards. This company claim that when you sell your gift cards on their platform and you will be paid in 5 minutes to your bank account.

4. AfrBTC

AfrBTC is a website in Nigeria where you can sell and redeem gift cards. Many users use this platform to convert their gift cards to Naira.

Google Play card, iTunes/Apple gift card, Steam gift card, Target gift card, Sephora gift card, Nike gift card, Walmart, e-bay, Razer gold/Rixty, Nordstrom, Vanilla, Green dot, and American Express gift cards are some of the gift cards you can redeem and trade on AfrBTC.

5. GiftCardsToNaira

GiftCardsToNaira is another reliable site for exchanging gift cards for cash in Nigeria and Ghana.

You can quickly redeem, sell, or trade gift cards for Naira using this platform.

Simply register on the site and begin selling your gift card by uploading the card you wish to sell; after the transaction is completed, you will be credited immediately. This entire procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

On the GiftCardstoNaira app or website, you can sell over 20 gift cards.

6. JumiaPay

JumiaPay also allows you to buy various gift cards in Nigeria using your credit or debit card as well as your bank account.

7. Konga

Konga, Nigeria’s largest e-commerce company, features a section on its website dedicated to buying gift cards in Nigeria, similar to Jumia. Gift cards on Konga, like all other products on the site, are offered by third-party merchants.

iTunes, Apple, Steam, Google Play, and Sony PlayStation are just a few of the gift cards available on Konga.

8. SureGifts

Suregifts is the place to go if you’re looking for local gift cards in Nigeria.

This website allows you to purchase gift cards for stores in Nigeria.

ShopRite, Justrite, SPAR, Filmhouse Cinemas, Game, Samsung, Hubmart Stores, and many others are among the Nigerian retail gift cards available through Suregifts.

Every gift card you purchase on Suregifts comes with a voucher code that can be used to redeem the amount of your gift card at the physical or online store of the company you purchased it from.

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