15+ Best PSP (PPSSPP) Games Under 200MB Download In 2022

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Do you want to download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB to your Android device? Here You will find a list of PSP games that have been compressed to only 200 mb on Android, so don’t worry.

PSP games can sometimes be as large as 1.5GB in size, but if you’re looking to download a PSP game, you should look for one that is at least 200MB in size. There is an alternative to download PSP games, and I’ll be providing you with a direct download link for the Top under 200MB PPSSPP Games today.

I’ve compiled the top PSP games that are under 200MB in size in today’s article, and when you unzip these games to your Android smartphone, you’ll be getting their original file size and be able to play them without any problems.

You can find a variety of PSP games in this collection of PPSSPP games, including Action, Football, Adventure, Horror Games, and many more. I’ve also included direct download links for each of these games.

List of the Best PPSSPP Games Under 200MB To Download

These are the best PSP Games Under 200MB, You must have the PPSSPP Gold app installed on your device in addition to an extractor like Zarchiver or Winrar to extract these files on your device in order to download any of these games. The installation guides are provided below the article.

1. Assassins Creed: Bloodlines

psp games under 200mb

Sony revealed the game as a new PlayStation Portable release at the E3 Conference in June 2009. It is without a doubt one of the PPSSPP Android games that you can download that is under 200MB.

Despite differing reviews, Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery were launched in November 2009. especially the PSP emulator for Android version. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, the third game in the series, was released in October 2012.

  Download Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines

2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

psp games under 200mb

One of my favorite GTA games in the series is the open-world single-player PSP title GTA Liberty City Stories. It tells the tale of a mobster named Toni Cipriani who moves to Portland City’s capital and starts a new life there. Toni Cipriani carried out many nefarious tasks, including killing people and eliminating some mafia lords. In GTA Liberty City Stories, you can drive cars and own a safe house. You can also complete countless missions and earn a huge sum of money.

One of the nice things about GTA Liberty City is that it has been compressed and is one of the top PPSSPP Games Under, and you may use cheat codes when playing it on PPSSPP.

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   download Grand thief auto: Liberty City Stories

3. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

psp games under 200mb

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is undoubtedly one of the best war games to have set foot on PSP, thus if you’re thinking about playing war games on that platform, you must support it. In this game’s epic story mode, Kratos travels back to Atlantis in quest of his mother and brother Deimos. This game’s initial file size was large, but it has been greatly compressed.

Be prepared to fight until all enemies have been defeated as you travel on this epic journey because there will be many enemies along the way. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a 1.2GB PSP Game yet you can download this game for 200MB.

  Download God of war ghost of Sparta

4. Grip Shift

psp games under 200mb

A racing arcade game called GripShift. You may download the music for the PSP edition on the official website. On February 13, 2008, the “Turbo Expansion Pack”—available solely for the Xbox 360 version—was released.

New single-player and multiplayer modes, eight race tracks, eight deathmatch arenas, and eighteen new music tracks are all part of this PPSSPP game update.

   Download Gripshift

5. Fifa 14

psp games under 200mb

One of the most popular games both online and off is FIFA. Yes, solely due of the awesome features.

FIFA 14 manages to make the classic feel new, exciting, and fascinating despite lacking the one, distinguishing mechanic of earlier versions. With the URL and buttons below, you can now download Fifa 14 PPSSPP Games Under 200MB.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of FIFA 14’s official gameplay trailer will be made available on November 19th.

  Download Fifa 14

6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

psp games under 200mb

Criterion Software developed this open-world racing game, which Electronic Arts released on October 30, 2012. (EA). You may now play the highly compressed version of this PPSSPP game by downloading it for less than 200MB.

There were single-player and multiplayer modes in this video game, which was released on a variety of platforms including Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U.

Select your favorite vehicle from more than 40 amazing vehicles and compete in style! The more of the activity you complete, the more points you’ll get to spend on new models.

  Download Need for speed: most wanted

7. Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory

psp games under 200mb

One of the oldest war games available for the PSP is Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, but it doesn’t make it any less of a classic or one of the best. The scenes in this game are all set in a war-torn area. You can play in a variety of game modes, both single-player and multiplayer. The game is really addicting to play and has awesome graphics.

You’ll need to enter “SANDYGAMER” as the password in order to extract Call of Duty: Roads to Victory because the file has been zipped but is password-protected. With the PPSSPP app, you may play this game on your Android device.

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  Download Call of duty: road to victory

8. WWE 2011 Smackdown Vs Raw

psp games under 200mb

Even though WWE SVR 2011 is an extremely old game, it’s still one of the best wrestling games you should play on PPSSPP because it has unique features and graphics that look especially good considering how old it is. You may play several WWE modes, unlock new characters, and improve your existing set of characters.

You can design your own character and give it any upgrade you want. On WWE SVR 2011, there are no restrictions on what you may do. If you’re wondering what SVR stands for, it stands for Smackdown vs. Raw.

  Download WWe 2k11 Smackdown Vs Raw

9. Virtual Tennis: World Tour

psp games under 200mb

Virtual Tennis: World Tour was first made available in Europe on September 1, 2005. On October 6, it was made available in North America.

On January 26, 2006, it was renamed Power Smash: New Generation and launched in Japan. Fortunately, this PPSSPP game is available for download for less than 200MB.

The game has four court surfaces (each with many arenas), 14 real-life professional tennis players, and a number of game types.

  Download Virtual Tennis World Tour

10. Ben 10: Protector Of Earth

psp games under 200mb

Action-adventure video game Ben 10: Protector of Earth was released in 2007 for a number of platforms, including the Nintendo DS (NDS) and the PPSSPP android app. Fighting aliens and bad folks while changing into different aliens is the main goal of the game at Ben’s Omnitrix.

   download Ben10 Protect the earth

11. GTA Vice City Stories

psp games under 200mb

With the GTA Vice City Stories PPSSPP game, you can explore the world at will and carry out whatever activity you want.

You can get weapons, take part in racing, look for work, steal goods like vehicles and cash, and avoid law enforcement. The version you may get for around 200MB comes with all these incredible features.

Law enforcement is involved in every criminal deed committed against people, which frequently leads in your death.

To succeed in this PPSSPP game, you must follow a professional strategy. The link to get it for less than 200MB on an Android phone is provided below.

  Download GTA vice city stories

12. Dragon Ball Z-Shin Budokai

psp games under 200mb

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai is one of the best fighting arcade games you’ll ever come across in the world of video games. One of the best games in the Dragon Ball Z series, it has a variety of features and playing modes.

In order to become the boss in this game, you must defeat your opponents three times in a row using a variety of fighting techniques and damaging moves that will actually take your opponents down. One of the best PPSSPP games under 200MB is this one, which has been compressed to only 150MB.

  Download Dragon Ball Z-Shin Budokai iso

   Download Save Data

13. Dynasty Warriors

psp games under 200mb

In Dynasty Warriors 8, there is now a “if” route for each country. By meeting requirements in earlier wars, the player can open a way for each country in which it succeeds where it previously failed.

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For instance, by keeping all of Wei’s characters alive in the DW PPSSPP game, the player can help Wei avoid losing the Battle of Chibi and unify China.

  Download dynasty Warriors

14. Eragon

psp games under 200mb

You should be informed that the primary focus of this PSP game is fighting. Additionally, this is a game of stabbing and slicing in which blood is shown and fantasy characters perish.

The plot of this PPSSPP game is short in compared to the Christopher Paolini novel on which it is based.

In the midst of pandemonium, kids can’t understand any message about good versus evil. Bloodier than the movie, the video game. Use the link below to download it if it is less than 200MB.

  Download eragon

15. Avatar: The Last Airbender

psp games under 200mb

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, PPSSPP, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, and Xbox that is based on the animated television series of the same name.

This game was published a year after the first game. You can now stress-free download PPSSPP games that are under 200MB.

  Download avata The last Airbender

16. Pirate of The Caribbean: At World Ends

psp games under 200mb

The Turkish Prison serves as the beginning point for the story, which continues where Dead Man’s Chest left off. The PPSSPP game is quite interesting. Fun enough, this PPSSPP game just requires a 200MB download.

When Captain Teague brought Captain Jack Sparrow up from his nap in his prison cell, he informed him that he had only a few minutes left to avoid the hangman’s noose.

   download Pirate of The Caribbean: At World Ends

How to Install PPSSPP Games Under 200MB on Android

Simply follow the simple and clear instructions, and make sure your Android device already has the necessary apps installed. If not, playing these games can be difficult for you.

  1. You must first download and install Zarchiver Pro Apk.
  2. The PPSSPP Apk can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. After you launch it, it will create a PSP folder on the internal storage of your Android device. The PPSSPP ISO File you download must then be extracted into your PSP Folder.
  3. Open Zarchiver, extract the downloaded ISO file to Internal Storage > PSP > Game, and then close Zarchiver after done.
  4. Open the PPSSPP emulator now, and all the games you have on your Android smartphone will appear on the home screen. You can play any of these games from there.


Now that you’ve read this, I assume you know how to easily download and install PPSSPP Games Under 200MB on your smartphone.

But if you could, please share your game-playing experiences with me.

Did you have any issues downloading the PPSSPP game that was under 200MB? Comment below.

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