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Fouad iOS Apk: Latest iOS WhatsApp For Android Download (2022)

Today’s article will guide us on how to download and install iOS WhatsApp for android. Are you wondering if possible to run iOS WhatsApp on Android? Let me clear your doubts about this. iOS is one of the popular operating systems, it offers the best of itself without a doubt.

WhatsApp is one of the popular apps that have millions of downloads both on android and iOS. Almost all smartphone users use this messaging app to send and receive messages, send audio files, documents, videos to loved one’s and finally it also features video calling and voice calling.

iOS WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp apps that has some features not present in Android WhatsApp. But with the help of this modded iOS WhatsApp, you can use iOS WhatsApp on an Android phone. This Mod iOS WhatsApp has the same look and features as iOS WhatsApp. Below you will find features, more info and a download link to install iOS WhatsApp on android phones.

What’s WhatsApp Mod?

WhatsApp Mod is a modded version of the original WhatsApp app. Mod version of what’s is modded to give users features that are not present in official WhatsApp or features of paid users for free.

iOS WhatsApp is modded to give android users the privilege to install iOS WhatsApp on android for free. This WhatsApp is so good to be tested for, the interface, design and look are great. That makes it easy to navigate and chat conveniently.

Features of MOD iOS WhatsApp For Android

Below you can see the features that are available in this WhatsApp mod. let’s see them below.

1. Hide view status: With this WhatsApp, you can make yourself unseen from the list of users that viewed your friend status.

2. who can call you: Do you receive unnecessary calls from unknown numbers via your WhatsApp? Selecting a list of friends who can call you can help you a lot to stop receiving those calls from unknown people.

3. Anti-Delete Status: Get access to deleted status and story.

4. Hide Message Tick: Hide your messaging ticks.

5. Hide Media from the gallery: you can hide all downloaded WhatsApp media from displaying in the gallery.

6. Show blue tick after reply: Contact can only see a blue tick when you reply to them.

7. Send More than 10 Restricted Images at the same time.

8. Appear to be always online.

9. Download Themes: There are lots of themes available to decorate your WhatsApp look.

10. WhatsApp Lock: You can choose to lock your WhatsApp app with a password, pattern or fingerprint.

ios WhatsApp For Android Screenshot Review

ios WhatsApp For Android ios WhatsApp For Android

Download iOS WhatsApp For Android

Here below you will find the download link of iOS WhatsApp for Android, note that this WhatsApp is of two themes, the white and the dark theme. The White seems to be the original look-alike iOS WhatsApp, but the dark mod is made to protect our eyes from lighting contraction. Find the download link below.

Download iOS WhatsApp For Android



Download White Theme

   Download White Theme now

Download Dark Theme

   Download dark theme now

How to Download And install iOS WhatsApp for android

To download and install the iOS WhatsApp to your Android is quite simple and easy. Thanks to the CamonLight team we do our possible to provide you with a download link and same time guide you on how you can install iOS WhatsApp for Android.

Below you will find two means you can use to install iOS WhatsApp on your android phone.

1. First Installation Called (Normal Whatsapp Install) Without Backup.

This installation is can only guide you on how you can install iOS WhatsApp on your Android phone. This is a normal WhatsApp installation that goes without any backups.

Step 1: Download iOS WhatsApp for android from the above link provided.

Step 2: Make sure your download is completed, then click on app installation and install the app.

Step 3: After successfully installing the app click on the open app.

Step 4: Then do fill in all possible required details that WhatsApp wants from you, and then proceed next.

Step 5: Congrats, you have successfully installed iOS WhatsApp on your Android device, proceed to chat with your friends.

2. Second Installation Called (Backup Restore installation)

In this installation, you choose to restore all your chats, call history, videos and audio files. To not lose on any of the above listed due to migrating from your normal WhatsApp to iOS WhatsApp for Android. I will provide you with a guide to not lose any of your chat or file attached to your old WhatsApp application. below you will find the complete guide to follow.

Step 1: Download iOS WhatsApp for android APK from the Above Link.

Step 2: Now go to your Internal Storage and Find Whatsapp Folder.

Note: If you’re using normal WhatsApp then look for a folder with a “WhatsApp” name,
or if you’re using GBWhatsApp then look for a folder with a “GBWhatsApp” name.

Step 3: Now rename it to the iOS WhatsApp folder, in most cases folder create itself.

Step 4: After this, you can uninstall your current WhatsApp.

Step 6: Before opening Whatsapp, Make sure you rename your old folder to the ios Whatsapp created folder.

Step 7: Now Follow regularly instructions and click on the restore option.

Step 8: Fill in the required details to complete your WhatsApp registration.

Step 9: congrats, you have successfully installed iOS WhatsApp For android, Proceed to chat with your contacts.


Here comes the end of this article, now I have cleared all your doubts right. this post will be updated from time to time whenever a new iOS WhatsApp update is available, I will try to notify you to update your iOS WhatsApp app for Android. We don’t include something? let us know via the comment box below.

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