The internet and all social media platforms are currently trending with firevip! Understand why? Well, the reason is fairly obvious. Only a few things, including money, can cause Nigerians to become overly thrilled. Nigerians are being promised enormous sums of money by the website in exchange for signing up and completing simple tasks. Sounds alluring, but there are numerous things you need to be aware of. is a new money making website in Nigeria. As Nigerians, these are the things we love to see. Sites that will earn us money without stress. So, a lot of us hurriedly sign up on the platform.

Please refrain from acting foolishly. We strongly advise that you read this review first if you genuinely want to make money online but haven’t signed up for FireVIP. before completing the website’s sign-up procedure. Review

It cannot be disputed that information is power. And in this case, gaining info about is just the right thing to do. Lucky for you, this review article will give you answers you seek, and answers you need.

In this review, expect to see answers to queries like; How to make money from firevip, how to get referral, who is the owner of firevip, how to perform login process, is legit or scam, etcetera.

How To Get Started With The FireVip Platform

As previously said, there are no costs associated with using the FireVip platform to get started. You receive $100 every day using the FireVip platform’s free bundle. You can withdraw your money to your Fiat bank account after it has a minimum balance of 4,000. Follow this link to sign up for the FireVip site, where you can begin everyday earning free naira.

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Renting advertising equipment is the core idea behind FireVip. The only thing that enables you to make simply $100 a day is the free advertising machine.

How Does Firevip Work?

The A-level ads machine of FireVip allows you to earn ₦200 per day instead of ₦100 naira. With the ₦200 naira earnings of the A Level ads machine upgrade, you can earn up to ₦6,000 naira monthly. To be able to upgrade from the free package to the paid package, you need to pay an upgrade fee of ₦4,000. 

It doesn’t end here; there is the B-level ads machine of the FireVip platform. 

With 16,000, the B-level advertisements machine can be upgraded. You can increase your earnings from FireVip’s B-Level advertisements machine package to 851.2 when you do so. It’s crucial to understand that using the Firevip platform to click on advertising doesn’t cost less than 5 minutes. It doesn’t use a lot of data either.

You must invest 40,000 to purchase the Firevip C-Level advertisements machine. When you do, you will receive 2,256 per day for every five minutes of daily ad clicking. The potential user will receive 67,680 per day from this.

About Other Firevip Earning Levels

In the FireVip platform, upgrading the D-Level ads machine costs ₦160,000, and you can earn up to ₦9536 daily for ad clicking activity. If you click ads for 30 days with this Firevip package, you will be earning a whopping  ₦286,080 on a monthly basis. 

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For the E-level firevip user, you need to use ₦320,000 to register and earn ₦20,096 daily for ad-clicking activities. The final level is the F-level ads machine, which allows you to earn ₦63,360 per day for clicking ads. At the cost of ₦960,000, you can get the ads machine for the F-level.

For a 1-year span, this firevip ad machines can be rented. This means that if you register for the ₦16,000 plan, you will be making ₦851.2 per day for ad clicking for the next 365 days. 

how does
 firevip work

Is The Firevip Platform Legit Or Scam?

The truth is that Firevip is a Ponzi scheme that once paid its users, but is no longer paying. It is a scam platform.

Basic Things To Bear In Mind Before Joining The Firevip Platform 

Is Firevip Still Paying 

According to the Firevip official Telegram group, Firevip had issues with its automated payout system. The admins of the Telegram group disclosed that they needed to wait until the 24th of August 2022 before they continued disbursing funds to its users. 

On this note, it will be fair to say that Firevip stopped paying, but gave excuses for not doing so. They claim that their legal representatives are reaching out to the Nigerian government to sort out issues with the automated payment. 

The Truth About Whether Firevip Is Still Paying

Firevip was doing massive payout to its investors earlier. However, seems that it was a scheme to lure people to trust the platform. Then when people invest heavily, they will do away with public funds. 

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The fake truth about their legal representatives is a big fatal lie. The app and the website does not show that the company is legally registered, also worth noting is that the owners of the platform are anonymous. 

The administrators of the FireVIP platform may face legal action from the EFCC in Nigeria for allegedly acquiring money through deception and false pretenses. Firevip’s money-making system is a Ponzi one, and Ponzi schemes are illegal in Nigeria. This lone fact refutes their assertion that their legal counsel is conferring with the Nigerian con artists.

How to get Referrals

You may not be able to earn much with firevip referrals, but it is still the cheapest way to earn on the website. You don’t have to pay for anything. And also, there are no daily limits when it comes to getting referrals.

To refer, find your referral link. The link can be found in your account dashboard. So the first thing to do, is perform login process. Next, click on ‘Invite.’ Then copy your link from that page, and begin sharing.

When you share the link, you will get One naira(or less). But when a person clicks and signs up using your link, you will allegedly earn One thousand and six hundred naira(#1,600).

 firevip still paying in nigeria

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