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10 Sites To Work From Home 2022 (Online Remote Jobs)

You can get remote jobs to earn money by working from home as a freelancer, and what we are focusing today is the best sites to find remote jobs. The world has just come to understand that the Internet is the perfect way to do work from your home. Companies and brands also go online to put work advertisements and this does not mean that people are forced to go to their workplace.

Since you are already here, you should read carefully the websites i mentioned below are the best for remote work. You will make money on this website according to your skills and what you expertise on.

Remote working gives you a balance in your life and allows you to focus on important things.

A reliable list of websites you can find online for remote jobs during this worldwide pandemic available here. After checking different forums, websites and reviews from experience users, I have carefully described them for you to learn how genuine they are. Let’s get started with listing. 

List of Best Sites to Find Remote Jobs 2022

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the world’s leading freelance platforms, and I have had personally written gigs on the website. On the website, you have a minimum payment of $5 for withdraw and can get payed up to $500.

You have to build gigs after you sign up as a seller, and bear in mind the keywords must be used. This will allow your gig to be rank high when your Fiverr skill searched by people. fiverr is one of the most trusted site to find Remote jobs online.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another large freelancing site where you will find different jobs both on a long and a short-term job basis. This is a global platform for freelance and a number of jobs are posted every minute here. there are different jobs you can find here ranging from Visual editing, programming, web design and writing.

You just have to register on the website, but first thing to do is you do need a portfolio before they allow you to join their platform. You will do expert testing on the website to help you realize it on the web. This is one of the best platform to start with while searching for remote jobs.


This is a freelancing platform where you will get many clients to give you remote job opportunities. You will bid on a total of 8 jobs a month on the website as a free membership. But you can get an infinite number of bids and several other unique features if you opt for their premium membership.

The website is well built and there is an overview of the duration of the project. they offer the best payment system with a daily withdrawal available.

4. Remote OK

Remote OK has more than 800,000 unique monthly visitors that visit their site. There are numerous types of jobs here and you can conveniently sign up and have access for various remote jobs.

They do have an active Twitter and Facebook feed that they usually posted jobs.

5. JOBSPresso

Jobspresso is another freelancing platform if you want free remote jobs then here is best match for you. There are various types of work, including UX/UI, blogging, web development, and marketing jobs.

Jobspresso does one job very differently than most freelance sites because they check every job to ensure that it’s legitimate before putting on their website. They also review companies to ensure that jobs are published. This website is an amazing spot for remote jobs.

6. We Work Remotely

We Work Remote is an open place for people worldwide to work and connect together via the web where you have access to work with companies and startups. You should have a level of expertise in a specific field before registering.

There are no scams here and the platform is checked and verify simply to find remote work online on the best sites online. Be sure that you try this website because a lot of jobs are available here.

7. Guru

Guru is another freelancing platform to consider. A lot of jobs, like tech, IT and a lot more, are available. This website is easy to access and updated with the latest jobs. It’s best to visit the platform because there are many jobs here that meet your needs.

8. FlexJobs

They have more than 36,000 jobs in over 3,000 businesses listed worldwide, making the most for the latter. The website is safe from fraudulent activities, and full-time opportunities are available.

Flexjobs list jobs in different fields. There are job opportunities ranging from start-ups to managerial jobs. The platform is not free but it’s worth it. It is not free. A lot of functions can be unlocked and the work won’t be one penny away. I really advise you to see this platform.

9. Authentic Jobs

It is a lot of the free-standing technology platform and much work is related to IT, web development and UX/UI design. This is your place to go if you are creative. Many big brands are using innovative job. You can navigate the website worldwide and jobs are dependent on skill and location.

10. Remotive

When you look for a quick job, it’s better if you register here. Remotive also has a platform for communities where people can connect. The website is simple to navigate and you can get jobs on the platform with a variety of packages. Make sure you look for fast and simple job on this platform.

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